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Event Schedule

ALL events will be run by this general itinerary unless changes are announced.

Roadrunner events are run in the same way. However, for those events designated as a road runner, competitors will be able to drive and launch at any legal launch on the same body of water after the captains meeting is concluded. Please note that you must be back for scoring at the normal times. Here is an excerpt from the rules:

If a tournament is designated as a “Roadrunner” event:
• Boats may be launched at any legal and public launch site on the boundary waters of that particular event.
• Competitors will be released at a specified time from Captain’s meeting. You may leave and drive once the
captains meeting is over and you have been checked by the staff for PFD and Hawg Trough.You must attend
Captains Meeting, and you must adhere to normal Scoring and Weigh In times.

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