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KATS 2016 Chills on Bastrop


Kicking off the New Year big, the FishKATS X event on Lake Bastrop set the all time record with 147 participants! As check-in progressed, more and more anglers crowded the area, filling the bone-chilling, cold air with anxiousness and excitement. The lake soon became filled with kayaks, many equipped with LED light strips. At a distance, these lighted kayaks resembled a small festival floating on the water. Before long, Ryan signaled for take off and the array of lights dispersed and diminished in the darkness.


Most people expected the weather to warm up as the day progressed. Yet, it only got worse. By late morning, the overcast clouds brought drizzle and then a mild shower. The unexpected rain and cold sent a handful anglers packing in search for a warm retreat. Despite the adverse weather conditions, several anglers managed to haul in a limit.

With 145 anglers to score, the process took longer than usual. To bypass the time, the flipping contest was commenced ahead of schedule. The top prize was a NRS Dry Suit and second was a custom colored BlackPak. Many anglers competed and were eager to win. However, the 25 mph wind literally blew the competition… and so did Ryan Herzog and Eugene Mora. Battling for the top prize, Mr. Mora’s “flicka-da-wrist” excelled and won the nifty NRS Dry Suit. Mr. Herzog gladly accepted defeat and took home the FishKATS-colored BlackPak.


Shortly after, the award ceremony finally began. For the Social Division, Mr. Laray Taylor took the lead with 87.5 inches. Ernesto Garza’s 85.50-inch total captured second followed closely Bryan Tucker, who had 85.25 inches. For Pro Division, Cody Prather did a double-hookup, snagging first place with 96.75 inches and Big Bass measuring 22.75 inches. Marcus Villanueva reeled in second place with 92.5 inches. Tyler Howell’s 91.5-inch stringer put him at third place. For 4Th and 5th place, Michael Bayer had 90 inches and Beau Reed had 88 inches respectively. The KATS Advantage program paid out an additional 4 places.


Winning two raffles, an ecstatic Ervin Coonrod took home the charity raffle, a sleek olive Diablo Amigo equipped with a Larry Chair and the Tackle Warehouse raffle gift certificate worth $420. Cody Greeney won the second charity raffle, a Humminbird Helix 5 fish finder bundled with an Engel Dry Box 19 with Rod Holders.

We appreciate everyone who participated and hope y’all enjoyed the event. As always, we would like to thank our wonderful sponsors for helping make these events fun and an entertaining. Next stop, Houston County!


Pro division
1st: Cody Prather – 96.75”
and Big Bass 22.75”
2nd: Marcus Villanueva – 92.5”
3Rd: Tyler Howell – 91.5”
4th: Michael Bayer – 90”
5th: Beau Reed – 88”

Social Division:
1st: Laray Taylor 87.5”
2nd: Ernesto Garza 85.5”
3rd: Bryan Tucker 85.25”

8 thoughts on “KATS 2016 Chills on Bastrop

  1. kenneth snell (kip) says:

    I want to think kats for holding such a great event. This was my first kats tournament. The camaraderie with the anglers was second to none. Got to meet some really great people and some very competitive anglers. I’m a very competitive person so I can’t wait to get out there and fish with the best kayak anglers in Texas. So again I want to thank kats and all of their sponsors. Thanks, kip snell

    1. Dayvee Brower-Warrell says:

      Thanks Kenneth! We are glad you enjoy our tournaments and are excited to see you out on the water for our next event!

  2. This was my first tournament with KATS and the first time I’ve done a regular tournament. All my previous tournaments were done online. I was nervous coming into this event being concerned that the competitiveness would turn into bad attitudes.

    This was definitely NOT the case. I saw people being kind and courteous all day in spite of the rough weather. Everyone treated everyone else like a friend and as a rookie, I received many hand shakes and kind words.

    Thanks to everyone, I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of the season!

    May the fishing be good and the weather warm! 🙂

    Mike Van Nattan

    1. Thanks for the feedbakc Mike, we are glad you came out and gave it a shot! See you at the next one.

  3. Tommie White says:

    Thanks for your effort. how i participate your next event? i’m interested your next event.

  4. Jon kayaker says:

    This looks amazing. I wish I could join this. But it says registration is closed. How do I register?

    1. Bones says:

      Check back in Fall, we will list out the next series of events!

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