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Large Limits in Houston County



Houston… We have a problem. It’s Matt Moccia. With a total of 99.50”, Mr. Moccia out fished 80 other anglers in the Pro Division and dominated the event with a whopping 7.75” lead!

Houston County Lake is located northwest of Crockett, Texas. It’s a hidden gem that has produced multiple double digit bass. Its stump-filled waters are also known to have a healthy population of spotted bass. Many anglers travel far and wide to this lake to take advantage of this beautiful and amazing fishery. Saturday was no exception.


It was a cold day in Crockett, Texas. The morning temperatures hovered around the mid to upper 30’s with an expected high to be in the mid 50’s. Despite the weather, an astonishing 101 anglers came to compete! This sets the record for the most registrants in an “away” tournament! On the other hand, this meant a very crowded boat ramp. As check-in commenced, many anglers scrambled to find a parking spot. For others, making a parking spot was more feasible. By 6:50am, all anglers were checked-in and most were ready for the 7:05am take-off. Due to the size of the launch area, some anglers patiently waited till after the take-off to launch their kayak.


Most participants reported that the fishing was slow. Some reported to catch a lot of fish but struggled to find that keeper bass. However, this was not the case for Matt Moccia. With an impressive total of 99.50 inches, he conquered the lake and seized first place in the Pro Division. Daniel Peters claimed second place with 91.7 inches followed by Joseph Sanderson with 89.5 inches. ACK’s Colson Ginger took 4th place with 84.5 inches. For the Social Division, Mark Pendergraf secured first place with 62.25 inches and was the only angler in his division to score 5 fish! Eric Ochoa captured second place with 55.75 inches. Nolan Jett obtained third place with 39.25 inches. He was also awarded the YakAttack Custom BlackPak for his dedication, hard work, and his help at the ACK Demo Days. Big Bass was presented to Dennis Dicarlo with his 22.25 inch kicker.


The Charity Raffle prize winner was Ryan Herzog. Although his luck didn’t give him any fish to score, his luck gave him a brand new Thule Xporter worth over $700! Another lucky man is Robert Supak. Besides taking the 7th place prize Engel Cooler with Rod Holders, he won the Mystery Tackle Bag raffle which was a $305.00 Tackle Warehouse Gift Certificate!


As always, we would like to thank all the participants and our sponsors for making this event possible. We hope y’all enjoyed yourselves and hope to see y’all at the next tournament. Since the Groundhog didn’t see his shadow this year, we should expect Fayette Lake to be on fire! Mark your calendars for February 20th. Fayette County or burst!
Tournament Break Down

Pro Division:

Anglers registered: 81
Total fish scored: 160
Total inches of fish: 2684
Number of limits: 9
Number of zeros: 19

1st: Matt Moccia – 99.50”
2nd: Daniel Peters – 91.75”
3rd: Joseph Sanderson – 89.50”
4th: Colson Ginger – 84.50”
5th: Brandon Campbell – 82.00”
6th: Tony Sebren – 81.75”
7th: Robert Supak – 81.5”

Social Division:

Anglers registered: 20
Total fish scored: 22
Total inches of fish: 289.25
Number of limits: 1
Number of zeros: 9
1st: Mark Pendergraf – 65.25”
2nd: Eric Ochoa – 55.75”
3rd” Nolan Jett – 39.25”

Big Bass: Dennis Dicarlo – 22.25”

-Cip @ KATS

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