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Austin Area Roadrunner

Due to conflicting sporting events, our next tournament in the 2018 KATS season will be an Austin Area Roadrunner!

The event will take place April 28th, 2018 and is open to any public, drivable lakes and rivers.

Event/Date: Austin Area Road Runner – April 28th 2018

Event Type: Road Runner

Captains Meeting/Weigh In:  Oskar Blues Brewery

Address: 10420 Metric Blvd, Austin, TX 78758

Captains Meeting Details: Mandatory Attendance of 1 of 2 meetings: Friday (4/27) @ 7:30pm — or — Saturday (4/28) @ 5:00am

Event Info:

This event will be an open road runner. Decker Lake is Off Limits due to conflicting sports event. Only Public Bodies of Water (lakes + rivers) and Public Launches as Defined in the Roadrunner Rules Allowed. No Private Water or Access Allowed. No Distance Limits, Drive Time is Fishing Time. Anglers must attend 1 of 2 captains meetings. Regardless of which meeting you attend, launch time for the tournament is 6:00am.

Pre-fishing is open until start of Captains Meeting Friday Night. Anglers  must be declare Lake Selection at Captains Meeting.

SOCIAL: Weigh In/Chips Turned in at Oskar Blues Brewery by 4:00 PM
PRO: Weigh In/Chips Turned in at Oskar Blues Brewery by 4:30 PM

You must return your chip/sharpie whether or not you have a good fishing day as this is the only way we know you are SAFE! You may send back your chip with another angler if you are not returning. This does not apply to score cards and pictures – please be present for those.

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13 thoughts on “Austin Area Roadrunner

  1. Ote Shaw says:

    Pre-fishing is open until start of Captains Meeting Friday Night. Anglers must be declare Lake Selection at Captains Meeting.
    – I will be registering for the first time tournament fishing. I don’t understand Angler must declare Lake Selection at Captain Meeting.
    – Am I allowed to register as PRO even though this is my first tournament?

    1. Andrea Heck says:

      Since this is an open roadrunner event, anglers must let us know what lakes they are headed to at the captains meeting. This is strictly a safety concern, if by some chance someone does not return. Yes, you may register in the Pro division even if this is your first event.

      See you on the water!

      1. Ote Shaw says:

        Thank you!

      2. Ote Shaw says:

        Thank you for your response. Is Bastrop lake ok to fish or it has to be in Austin area?

        1. Andrea Heck says:

          As long as it’s a public body of water & launch point and you make it back in time for scoring.

  2. Joe says:

    If I’m a kid can I join

    1. Andrea Heck says:

      Yes! Just make sure you have a parent or guardian approve the “Under 18 Release” Form.

  3. Edgar says:

    The rules say launch time is 6:00 AM. What time can I start to fish ?

    1. Andrea Heck says:

      You can get on the water at 6am and begin fishing then.

      1. Edgar says:

        I wasn’t clear enough with my question so I’ll try again. My fishing spot is a 20 minute paddle from the launch point I’m using. May I launch (as in get in the kayak and start paddling) at 5:40 so that I am on my fishing spot and can actually start fishing at 6:00 ?

        1. Andrea Heck says:

          Edgar, launch time is 6am, so you may get in the water to leave the shore at that time. You can not paddle out early to be at your spot to start fishing at 6am.

  4. Morgan Anthony Mills says:

    If I go to captains meeting on Friday night Can I go straight to the fishing spot Saturday morning?

    1. Andrea Heck says:

      Yes you can, you just can not launch from the shoreline until 6am.

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