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Bobby Lebeuf

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Name: Bobby Lebeuf
Age: 32
Hometown: Sweeny, TX
Professional Occupation: Produce Director and Merchandiser for

Fresh Plus Grocery


Number of Years Kayak Fishing: 6
Home Lake: Phillips Reservoir
Top Finishes: 2011 KATS Travis (Anglers Div.) – 2nd

2011 KATS Bastrop – 3rd

2011 KATS Fayette – 3rd

2011 River Bassin – 2nd and BB

2012 KATS Bastrop – 3rd

2012 KATS Classic  – 1st and BB

2012 KATS Big Bass of Season

2012 Dusk Til Dawn – 3rd and BB

2013 CCKF Bastrop – 2nd

2013 CCKF Lower Colorado – 3rd

2013 CCKF Mystery LBJ – 1st

2014 KATS Bastrop – 1st

2014 KATS Ray Roberts – 1st

2014 AKF Fat Sack – 3rd

2014 CCKF Lake Limestone – 1st

2014 CCKF AOY Points – 3rd

2014 KATS Classic – 1st


Favorite Technique: Topwater
Favorite Lure: Hollow Body Frog
Kayak of Choice: Diablo Amigo
Paddle of Choice: Bending Branches Pro Angler
Sponsors: Diablo Paddlesports
Favorite Food: Cajun
Nicknames: Toad Fu#@er
When not Fishing: Playing Drums
Titles Won: 2012 KATS Classic Champion

2012 AKF King of the Lake

2014 KATS Classic Champion

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