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Greg Blanchard


greg blanchard

Name: Greg Blanchard
Age: 27
Hometown: Seneca Falls, NY
Professional Occupation: Physical Therapist
Number of Years Kayak Fishing: 4
Home Lake: Cayuga Lake (Seneca Falls, NY)
Top Finishes:

2015 KATS Angler of the Year

2015 Boston Bass Stranglers Lake Winthrop 5th

2015 River Bassin’ Trail Seneca-Cayuga Canal 1st

2015 Kayakers of CNY Cayuga Lake 4th

2015 KATS Gibbons Creek 4th

2015 KATS Lake Wood 1st

2015 CCKF Stillhouse Hollow Lake 4th

2015 KATS Decker Lake 4th

2015 CCKF Belton Lake 4th

2015 KATS Lake Palestine 3rd

2015 KATS Lake Bastrop 2nd

2014 DPS Records Pond 1st

2014 DPS Hearns Pond 1st

2014 Haven Lake 1st

2014 Lums Pond 1st

2014 Western NY KBF Seneca-Cayuga Canal 1st

2014 Western NY KBF Conesus Lake 2nd

Favorite Technique: Frogging
Favorite Lure: Strike King Rage Menace/Booyah Pad Crasher
Kayak of Choice: Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 13
Paddle of Choice: Werner Kalliste
Sponsors: None
Favorite Food: Garbage Plates
Nicknames: None
When not Fishing: Creating YouTube Fishing videos or playing soccer
Titles Won: 2015 KATS AOY

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