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A How-To Guide to KATS

Want to Fish a KATS Event? Here is a Step-by-Step Approach!

Whether its your very first KATS event or you need a refresher course, this is a surefire way to make sure you are READY come tournament day! Kayak fishing tournaments are a whole lot of fun, and its important to be prepared to really maximize your time out on the water. This guide will walk you through each step of preparation for a KATS events. Fishing and catching fish is up to you!


The first step is to sign up for our email list to receive all of the important information updates; Sign Up Here. For a successful KATS event or series, familiarize yourself with all of the appropriate information. Here is a list of things you should (must) read before competing in a KATS event.

KATS Lakes and Dates – which events will you come to?

KATS Series Rules – play by the rules.

Event Itinerary – the event format.

Event Location and Information – launch location, park info, and entry and camping fees.

KATS Sponsors – the wonderful folks that make KATS possible.

CPR Guide – how to properly photograph and score the fish you catch.

Tournament Etiquette – how to act around other kayak fishermen.


Registration is ONLY accepted online. Please make sure to register for the KATS event you wish to participate in through the online service and prior to the cutoff date. Registration ends on the Thursday night prior to the tournament. There is NO onsite or day-of registration at the events.The cost is $75 for pro division, and $50 for social division. No membership dues! Register for the next event at https://fishkats.com/sign-up-and-register/

Have the Right Tournament Gear:

In addition to your plethora of lures, rods, and kayaking accessories, there are a handful of tournament specific items you will need.

1. The Mandatory Measuring Device: The Hawg Trough

2. Either a digital camera with a removable memory chip to submit fish pictures, or a smart phone with the TourneyX app.

3. A PFD (not PDF) – life jackets must be worn at all times

4. Sharpie Marker – we provide some, but can’t promise to have enough!

5. A score card –  we will provide you with this at sign in

6. A unique identifier – we will provide you with a wristband at sign in

7. Patience – it takes time to score all of those pictures.

The Day Of:

Once you have all of your information, your gear, and are registered, you just need to get yourself to the event on time! Many folks come out the night before and camp (sometimes we even meet up and have a big ol’ party), or others get up very early and drive out to the event the morning of. Registration begins at 6:00 am. Get in line and we will check that you have registered online, check your measuring device and PFD, provide you a wristband and give you a scorecard. Once everyone is signed in, we will get started with the captains meeting. After a few announcements and a safety check we proceed to get ready to launch. Most folks tend to unload and gear up their yaks prior to check in time.

Launch! Race to your spot, and catch some fish! You have until 3:00 pm to submit your fish photos for scoring. If you are submitting on TourneyX all fish must be submitted by this time (ps – the leaderboard will not be visible after 2pm!). If you are turning in your pictures in person at the awards ceremony, you must be in line by this time. All anglers must return their identifiers to the awards ceremony by 3:30 pm to avoid penalties.

The award ceremony and raffles will take place once the scoring is complete. We must collect your scorecards, and borrowed sharpies before you leave (whether you catch fish or not)! How else will we know you made it back safely?

Results and Winners:

We will announce the winners at the awards ceremony and the remainder of the scores will be posted the following day on www.fishkats.com . Winners will be mailed their check or gift certificate during the following week. Make sure to check out the photos we post of the event as well!

Last but not Least:

Sign up for the next one! With one event each month, it means the next KATS is coming up soon! Go ahead and return to the registration site to get yourself ready for your next chance to win big!

Of course there is lots more useful information on the website, so what are you waiting for?

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  1. Tommie White says:

    Very extensive review article. It has covered almost everything necessary to be perfect. It’s a gateway for the beginner kayakers to understand what to do and choose! I like the angle of analysis. Thanks for your effort.

  2. Kayaker Tim says:

    Thanks for the detailed article. I have been kayaking for the last three years, and I am pleased as hell 😀

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