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Hunter Heads to National Student Angler Federation Tournament

Hunter Amidon is one of our youngest KATS Anglers, but also one of our most enthusiastic! Not only did he finish in the top 5 at our last event on Lake Travis, he also qualified for the National Student Angler Federation tournament in Florence, Alabama. He and his partner, Justin from Bowie High School, are traveling to Alabama this weekend to compete for over $75K in scholarships.

We caught up with Hunter to see how he is preparing for the tournament and ask how KATS has helped him in his fishing career:

Q. Can you give us a brief history of your fishing career? How did you get started fishing? 

A. I’ve been fishing all my life. My whole family fished almost every weekend so getting into the sport wasn’t really a choice, but I always enjoyed it. I began fishing at the coast, but once I started bass fishing I knew that it was more of a fit for me.

I began tournament fishing 2 years ago with KATS, and then when I reached high school I started fishing the Student Angler Foundation tournaments. I now have a total of 5 top ten finishes in my fishing career.

Q. You are also a seasoned KATS angler – what is your favorite part of fishing KATS?

A. My favorite part about fishing KATS is the competition. Every angler is just so talented, and they always seem to find ways to catch [fish]. I also enjoy fishing KATS because everyone is always so helpful and laid-back.

Q. What do you think your biggest challenge will be going into the tournament?

A. The biggest challenge going into the national championship is new water. I only have one day of pre-fishing so I have to rely on fishing reports and past tournaments for information about the lake. We are learning a new lake in one day, which can be very tough.
Q. What is you and your partner’s secret to working well together as a team?

A. My partner and I work well together because we have been fishing together for a long time. My partner is also my best friend, so we have a trust level with each other. We seem to work together well because we make the best out of the situation and always try to have fun.

Q. What is your most memorable kayak fishing moment?

A. My most memorable kayak fishing moment was my last cast fish at Decker Lake during the KATS tournament. That fish was the smallest fish I caught all day, but it finished out my limit and helped me anchor a 5th placed finish.

Q. Lastly, what is your must-have fishing accessory?

A. My must-have fishing accessory is my depth finder. My unit allows me to see the fish and saves my time instead of blind casting an area. I really think that my Lowrance will play a major part at Lake Pickwick, just like all of the other tournaments.

Good luck guys! Tight lines!

4 thoughts on “Hunter Heads to National Student Angler Federation Tournament

  1. Deckard Family says:

    We are so proud of you Hunter! We can’t wait to hear how you and Justin are doing in the tournament.

  2. Shelley says:

    Hunter and Justin will weigh in today at 1:30 live on the Student Angler Federation. They were in the first group of boats out today so they will be the first 40 to weigh in today.

    I am so proud of these two kids! Way to represent!

  3. Shelley says:

    Sorry was a little excited and typing fast. Weigh in will be live on the Student Angler Federation website today at 1:30….

    1. Andrea Heck says:

      Awesome! Cant wait to see how he did!

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