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KATS 2016 Saltwater Series – Galveston Recap


Finishing off the Saltwater KATS series, anglers find themselves at Louis’ Bait Camp & Restaurant in Galveston Texas for the Captain’s Meeting. The total amount of competitors ended up being on the low side with 12 dedicated anglers. All in all, our KATS anglers always have their game face on, regardless of the size of the playing field.

Anglers reported a fair day of fishing despite the forecast of possible heavy rain and thunderstorms. The Biggest Flounder went to Nathan Norton with a healthy 21.5-inch flounder. For the Biggest Trout, Dustin Lee took the title with a nice 18.25-inch trout. Mr. Todd Hart brought a whopping 28.5-inch redfish, putting him at the top for the Biggest Redfish.

Continuing with the results, Mr. Clint Barghi’s top three fish put him at 73.25-inches, giving him a double win taking 2nd place for the KATS Advantage and 3rd place overall. It was a close call for Jared Esley. His total measured out at 74.00-inches, putting him at 2nd place. For 1st place, we have an unbeatable contender! Mr. Phil Spencer does it again winning 1st all three Saltwater Events including the KATS Advantage!

Last but not least, we would like to thank our sponsors and everyone who participated in the event. We had a great Gulf Coast KATS series and I hope to see everyone again next year!

Biggest Redfish 28.5” – Todd Hart

Biggest Trout 18.25” – Dustin Lee

Biggest Flounder 21.5” – Nathan Norton

7th – Merriel Solesky 42.50”

6th – Dustin Lee 62.00”
+KATS Advantage

5th – Nathan Norton 69.50”
+KATS Advantage

4th – Todd Hart 72.5”
+KATS Advantage

3rd – Clint Barghi 73.25”
+ 2nd Place KATS Advantage

2nd – Jared Esley 74.00”

1st – Fil Spencer 79.00”
+ 1st Place KATS Advantage

Mystery Tackle – Clint Barghi

Power Pole Micro Anchor – Merriel Solesky

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