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Mike Bayer


Mike Bayer

Name: Bayer, Michael
Age: 41
Hometown: Austin, TX
Professional Occupation: Production Designer
Number of Years Kayak Fishing: 14
Home Lake: Fayette Lake, La Grange, TX


1st       2013 CCKF Angler of the Year

4th      2013 KATS Angler of the Year

9th      2012 KATS – AOY

10th    2011 KATS – AOY

2nd      2010 KATS – AOY

3rd      2009 KATS – AOY

4th      2008 KATS – AOY

1st      2007 KATS – AOY

1st      2006 Ultimate Kayak Trail

Individual Events:

1st      2013 KATS  – Canyon Lake

2nd     2013 CCKF – Town Lake

3rd     2013 KATS –  Fayette

3rd     2012 KATS – Wildcard-Decker

3rd     2010 KATS – Bastrop

3rd     2010 KATS – Fayette

3rd     2009 KATS – Decker

3rd     2009 KATS – Travis

1st     2008 ACK KATS OPEN –Decker

1st     2007 KATS – Fayette

2nd    2007 KATS – Bastrop

1st     2006 – Ultimate Kayak Trail – Lake       Conroe

Favorite Technique: Finesse
Favorite Lure: Miss Bass Magic Maker Jerk Bait
Kayak of Choice: Hobie Pro Angler
Paddle of Choice: Carbon Fiber Stupid Stick
Sponsors: Falcon Rods, Yakfisherman.com, bassmanmovie.com
Favorite Food: Sushi, Thai….ASIAN
Nicknames: Fair Fight
When not Fishing: Winter Sports, riding my 26” Firemans Cruiser to rock shows
Titles Won: These are 1st place majors.  Titles won!

2006 Ultimate Kayak Trail – Angler of the Year

2007 KATS Angler of the Year

2013 CCKT Angler of the Year

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